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Camp FAQ's

Brevard, North Carolina

  • What is your COVID policy for the 2024 summer camps?
    In advance of our 2024 camp season, we are continuously monitoring CDC, WHO and North Carolina DHHS guidance to ensure our policies reflect all current safety standards related to group gatherings, overnight camps and youth sport and this could be subject to change in accordance with those: We will not require testing for camp 2023. We highly recommend that everyone age 12 and over (within the CDC recommendations) seek the Covid vaccine to help protect each other. We do ask that you decrease exposure activities within 7 days of arrival to camp and take an at home test 24 hours prior to arrival. We will not be checking or requiring results however we trust that you will follow this guideline to keep all of our campers, coaches and staff safe. If anyone is exhibiting symptoms even with a negative test, we ask that you stay home. Masks will be optional however we reserve the right to change accordingly to risk during camp. While many activities will be outdoors to minimize risk, we encourage anyone who is immunocompromised or not vaccinated to wear masks indoors as well as anyone with a personal preference. If a camper presents Covid symptoms, our onsite medical staff will assess and have access to testing as appropriate. In the event of a breakout or camper exhibiting symptoms while at camp, we will have quarantine guidelines and notify parents. If a camper is found to be positive, we will notify the parents to make plans for them to return home asap. They will be kept in quarantine until the parent arrives. If positive, Campers CANNOT return home on public or group transportation according to CDC guidelines.
  • What should I bring to camp?
    A copy of "What to Bring List-Summer Running" was sent with your registration confirmation. Please refer to that document for more details An additional copy is Here
  • What is the address to mail letters and small packages to my camper while they are at camp?
    Cards and small items are welcome. Large packages are a distraction. If you have a gift for your child, the best option is to tuck it in their suitcase unnoticed to find once they are at camp. Your Child’s Name; Brevard Distance Runners Camp; PO Box 1940; Brevard, NC 28712 To send a package to the PO Box from Amazon (or using UPS) the address is: BDRC Campers Name 159 West Main St, Unit 1940 Brevard, NC 28712 Please note that sending packages to a PO Box is delayed a day. Even if your tracking says it has arrived, it is not placed in our box until the next day. You should be aware of this when sending packages outside of USPS. FedEx packages can not be sent to a PO Box.
  • Can I become a junior counselor the summer after I graduate from high school?
    We prefer that you have completed your freshman year of college before becoming a JC. If you have completed your freshman year and are interested in being a Junior Counselor, you can sign up to be a JC through our staff registration link and we will be in touch.
  • How many campers are there to a room?
    Most rooms accommodate 2 beds. In some circumstances, there may be 3 to a room.
  • Are there laundry facilities to wash clothes?
    Yes, each dorm has laundry facilities that are free, you do not need quarters. You may want to send your child with laundry detergent tablets or pods – there are no detergent machines.
  • Do I need cash?
    Yes, for pizza and/or milkshakes on Friday night and snacks.
  • Can My Child Drive a Personal Vehicle to Camp?
    Yes. However, once they arrive on campus, they will not be allowed to use their vehicle during camp. Keys must be turned into the camp office upon arrival and will be returned at check out.
  • What time and where should I arrive at camp?
    Registration is on Sunday of the week that you are attending from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm in Boshamer Gymnasium on the Brevard College campus. There will be signs but you can also find a map online. The afternoon run on Sunday begins at 2:30 pm and will continue every 30 minutes until 4 pm on campus.
  • What time should I pick up my child on the Saturday of session end?
    Campers must be checked out of their room by 9 AM. We recommend being picked up by NOON or arrange other transportation options. Campers can move their luggage to the lobby of their dorm to wait on pick up. If you book a flight, BDRC will shuttle you to the airport between 6 am and 2 pm for no charge. If you depart after 2 pm, you must make your own arrangements to the airport, or take the last shuttle and wait there. We vacate the campus at noon on Saturdays also. You child must vacate the campus before then also.
  • Can I come to camp early?
    We are not able to accommodate extra nights before, after, or between sessions.
  • What is the age range of the campers?
    The majority are High School athletes. We do accommodate Middle School athletes. However, you must be present with a coach. *New for 2023* Individuals Week 1 must be in High School or going into High School
  • Can I choose my roommate?
    We only accept roommate requests if you are NOT registered with a High School or team. Please make your request on your account, not via email. All teammates are housed on the same hall by gender. Individuals without a roommate request are paired with another individual camper of the same age.
  • I am a coach. What do I need to do?
    All Coaches (free or paying), Assistants, Chaperones, Bus Drivers, Spouses, Non-Participants and Children MUST Register! However, unless you are attending as a free coach (you have 7 or more runners, 2 with 14 or more, etc), we CANNOT guarantee space. All coaches will take precedence over non participating attendees. We can only guarantee space for free coaches (one with 7 or more, 2 with 14 or more, etc) because that is part of our policy. After free coaches, we accommodate paid coaches. After that, and subject to availability, we try to accommodate spouses and kids (non-participants). The process of approval for those subject to availability will be first come, first serve, therefore you should register them early. Adding their name to your registration is not a valid registration! If we close camper registration, we cannot guarantee further space for coaches. Therefore, everyone should register early! Thanks for your cooperation. IMPORTANT: Fill out the transportation information as it is necessary for our logistics. All coaches (free or paying) will be assigned supervisory duties. Coaches will room on the floor of their runners unless they are of the opposite gender. Everyone is housed in dormitories of the same gender, therefore we cannot guarantee spouses wishing to stay together if you are both registered as coaches. One coach comes free per 7 runners, two coaches with 14 runners. Bus Drivers must be counted as one of your allowable coaches, or subject to availability-they will pay a non-participant fee. Coaches MUST be over the age of 21. For your team to receive the team discount (regardless of gender or which week you are attending), teams must be 7 or more runners from the 1-same school, 2-have a coach, and 3-have transportation. If one of these is not applicable to your team, please contact us and let us know so we can make arrangements.
  • My child has severe food allergies. Can you accommodate them?
    We serve all meals cafeteria style. We can accommodate gluten free, vegetarian and peanut free diets. We are not equipped to accommodate severe food allergies beyond the aforementioned. If an allergy is airborne or so sensitive that it can not be in the same kitchen, we cannot guarantee your child's safety as we are guests of a college run cafeteria where food is made in a kitchen where peanuts are occasionally used in desserts and peanut butter is served (in a specific area). There is a grocery store next door to campus that is accessible by walking with a member of staff or a coach every day. If your child still wants to come and has allergies outside those mentioned, he/she will be responsible for obtaining their own food. There are no refrigerators in the dorm rooms and we only have one staff refrigerator so food will be in a shared space. We apologize for the inconvenience but we will not be able to accommodate beyond that and your child's safety is of the utmost importance to us. If you would like to see a menu, please email us and we can provide that for you.
  • What is your camp cancellation policy?
    The $100 deposit is non refundable. If you need to cancel a camper's registration, please email us and we will cancel the registration. Anything you paid over the $100 deposit will be refunded.
  • Who do I make my camp check out to?
    Brevard Distance Runners Camp Mail to: PO Box 1940 Brevard, NC 28712
  • Did you get my balance?
    Every camper receives a confirmation email at the time of registration. Please keep up with your original confirmation and send your balance by the deadline, pay it online or plan to bring it with you to camp. You can log back into your account at any time to see your balance using the link at the top of our website. Your log-in will be your email address and the password will be the password you chose when you registered. Please do not call camp concerning your balance. Your balance will be applied within 72 hours of receipt. However, it can take up to 5 days to reach us via mail. So, check your balance 14 days after you mail your check - not after your write it. You WILL receive an email when your check is applied to your account.
  • What is the co-pay amount?
    This is the amount of money you would have to pay when you see a doctor – usually $25 to $50. You should have this amount of money with you, or have a credit card, debit card or a check made out to “Hendersonville Pediatrics” in your wallet. We do not collect the co-pay, but you will be asked to pay it if you have to visit the local doctor.
  • How and when can I pay my balance?
    A $100 deposit is required when registering online. You can pay the balance due online with a credit card at any time prior to June 15th. You can mail a personal check prior to June 15th. After June 15th, you can mail a money order or cashier’s check. Mail checks to BDRC, PO Box 1940, Brevard NC 28712. Any of these options will be added to your account on our end and will reflect a $0 balance which will fast track you through registration. If you prefer to bring the balance with you on registration day, you can pay with cash, money order, or certified check only (no personal checks or credit cards) payable to Brevard Distance Runners Camp.
  • What airport should I book my flight to?
    BDRC only runs a shuttle to the Asheville, NC airport (AVL). We do not pick up at any other airports or locations.
  • Why do you need my flight schedule in advance?
    We need to know how many staff members will be needed to make the airport runs as well as how many vans will be needed. Campus is 25 minutes away from the airport. We do not run a constant shuttle. We pick up by reservation only.
  • What time will the camp shuttle provide FREE pickup fro the airport to camp and back?
    Please refer to the Flight Reservations section of the website. Please add all flights to the flight registration form. We need arrival AND departure information if you are using our shuttle. Do NOT list your arrival time unless the camp needs to pick you up at the airport.
  • How can I find Brevard College on my GPS?
    The college is located at 1 Brevard College Drive, Brevard, NC 28712. Registration will be held in the Boshamer Gym. We are not affiliated with Brevard College. We simply contract with them for hosting our camp. Please do not contact the college or send mail to this address concerning the Brevard Distance Runners Camp. The Brevard Distance Runners Camp, Inc is a totally separate corporation and privately owned. There is also a map at the bottom of our website home page.
  • Can my child drive their own car to camp?
    Your child is allowed to drive their car to camp but will **not **be able to use their car during camp at anytime. They should turn in their keys to the office.
  • Can I come to camp without medical insurance?
    All campers must have medical insurance coverage to attend camp. If you do not have medical insurance coverage, you can come to camp only if your parents are willing to certify that they will be responsible for any and all medical charges incurred during camp. We have a form for that! Please contact us for the form, it must be signed by your parents or guardians and notarized at that time. We will then upload it to your account.
  • In case of injury, how do I get to the doctor while at camp?"
    Our nurse, a senior staff member or your coach will accompany you to the doctor.
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