Camp 2022

Welcome back to BDRC! For over 49 years, the BDRC summer camp has offered a fun, summer getaway for young, growing runners from all across the nation. Campers experience a week of strength & skill-building while making new friends and having fun in the cooler climate of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Why choose BDRC?

Brevard Distance Runner's Camp is located in beautiful Brevard, North Carolina. Every summer, our camp hosts 3 weeks of training and fun for teens and preteens who are avid runners yet want to continue to expand their endurance and skills. Cool nights and mild days make the Blue Ridge Mountains the ideal place to train and run during the summer season. And, it's always a blast!


For Individuals & Teams 

Week 1


Sunday, July 3 - Saturday, July 9

Individual Costs
Team Costs

Week 2


Sunday, July 10 - Saturday, July 16

Individual Costs
Team Costs

Week 3


Sunday, July 17 - Saturday, July 23

Individual Costs
Team Costs

Book Your Arrival Shuttle Arrangements

Very Important to Read Carefully

Please read through the instructions before filling out the form. This link was also sent with your confirmation email in the attachment called "What to Bring List." You will need your booked flight information to fill it out.

This MUST be completed AT LEAST 2 WEEKS before your session start date because that is when we arrange transportation. If you fill this out after 2 weeks, you are subject to a $50 pick-up fee and need to email us to confirm we have space.


AVL Air Travel & Shuttle Arrival INFORMATION 2022

For Individuals & Teams, PLEASE Read Carefully Below: 
For BDRC Summer Camp 2022

Please book flights within our shuttle times to help with logistics. This MUST be completed AT LEAST 2 weeks before your session start date. That is when we arrange transportation. If you filled this out less than 2 weeks from your session start date, you are subject to a $50 pick up fee and need to email us to confirm we have space.

BDRC only runs a shuttle to/from the Asheville, NC airport (AVL) within an 8 hour window on Sunday and 6 hour window on Friday. We do not pick up at any other airports or locations. We provide free pick ups arriving on Sunday the day of your session start for flights arriving between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm. We provide free shuttles back to the airport on Friday of your session end for flights departing between the hours of 11 am and 5 pm. If you arrive or depart outside of these times, there will be a $50 charge or your child can choose to go during those hours and wait unaccompanied at the airport. Please note this if you are flying outside the times but selected the free shuttle.

Please DO NOT email us flight itineraries, we pull the information from here and must have ample time to schedule drivers and vans for airport pick-ups. We also use these flight numbers to track their flight information for pick ups. If you are arriving by plane and camp is NOT picking you up, (ie: your grandmother or coach is picking you up), we do not need your flight information. A BDRC staff member will pick you up in baggage claim, look for a BDRC t-shirt. Call (828) 883-2399 if you wait more than 1/2 hour or to notify us also of any delays en route. This form replaces the flight information provided on your registration form in previous years. If your child's flight is scheduled within the appropriate times but gets delayed, we will not charge you.

Sunday (4th, 11th, 18th-camp begins): Registration is from 11-5, flights must arrive by 4 pm (Free shuttle for flights arriving 8am - 4pm). Flights arriving before 8am or after 4pm will be charged $50 if you require pick up outside of the free shuttle.

Friday (3rd, 10th, 17th - camp ends): Must be out of rooms by noon (free shuttle to the airport for flights departing 11AM-5PM). Flights on these days before 11AM or after 5PM will be charged $50. If you have a later flight on Friday, the last free shuttle will leave before or by 3 and your child can go then but will wait unaccompanied at the airport. On the 3rd and 10th, if you prefer to pay, the camper can hang out on campus until but will still need to be out of their room by noon and there are no formal activities. We can not accommodate flights departing later than 5 pm on Friday, July 17th. All campers will go on the last shuttle of the day on the 17th (most likely at 3 but could be earlier) regardless of flight time therefore it will be the free shuttle. Parents or coaches are welcome to arrange other transportation to/from the airport if this is not a preferred option.

For Departures: your son/daughter must attend the flight meeting on Thursday evening. Due to the airport distance, we schedule according to flight times and space instead of running a constant shuttle. If the camper prefers to go sooner because they prefer more time, they will need to let them know at the Thursday night flight meeting and see if there is room.

*One entry per camper (please no siblings or teammates together on 1 entry). All fields are required-If you don't have BOTH an arrival AND departure flight, you can choose the date camp begins/ends, midnight, and please enter "0"s in the flight information in addition to "N/A" for the shuttle. This is the only way we can ensure people fill the dates and times out correctly so we apologize that it isn't perfect! This MUST be completed AT LEAST 2 weeks before your session start date. DO NOT fill this out if you are planning to go to the airport with your team transportation-this is only if you need BDRC to transport you!

AVL Airport Arrival & Shuttle Registration

COACHES AND STAFF MUST ALSO FILL THIS OUT! We need to know how much transportation to arrange!


Delays or Canceled Flights: Please contact us via phone if your flight is delayed or canceled. We try to track flights but may not get the communication as quickly as the traveler.



What week(s) are you attending?