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Brevard Distance Runners Camp

Helping you reach your highest goals!

Costs for 2017

All registration is online. If you are paying your balance by credit card, you will be charged a credit card fee of 3.95%. You still have the option of paying a deposit of $100 online, then mailing your balance to the camp prior to June 15, OR bringing your balance to camp as a Money Order, Cashiers Check or Cash.

Individual Costs

Type Cost
One-Week Campers $595*
Two-Week Campers $1190*
Coaches per Week $400*
Non-pariticpant Adults (i.e. chaperones, spouses) $435*
Non-participant Children (of staff/coaches) $300*
LATE REGISTRATION: After June 30, 3017 $25*
Key Deposit $50*

Team Costs

To receive team discount, regardless of which week you are attending, teams must bring 7 or more runners from the same school, a coach, AND TRANSPORTATION: One coach comes free per 7 runners (and is assigned duties), two coaches with 14 runners. Bus Drivers must be counted as one of your allowable coaches, or they will pay a Coaches fee. Coaches must be over the age of 21.

Type Cost
One-Week Campers $575*
Two-Week Campers $1150*
LATE REGISTRATION: After June 30, 3016 $25*
Key Deposit $50*

Additional Information

*There will be an additional $50.00 automatically charged to each camper and COACH for a key deposit. This will be returned at the end of camp if key is returned. The key deposit must be a separate $50 check. If you turn your key in, you will receive your check back. You can mail this to camp, or bring it with you to registration.

  • All Campers must have proof of insurance uploaded to their online account. Proof of insurance is a copy of BOTH sides of the medical insurance card. You must copy both sides of the card to one sheet of paper before uploading. Campers are responsible for any and all medical expenses incurred during camp. If allergic to bee stings, you MUST bring your own epipen.
  • The $100 deposit to reserve your space is non-refundable for any reason. If you pay in full and cannot attend camp for medical reasons, you are entitled to a refund minus the deposit. Refund checks will be processed weekly.
    A camp t-shirt, lanyard and water bottle are provided for all campers. Two-week price includes weekend housing and all weekend meals.
  • Parents, siblings and guests of campers are not allowed to stay on campus or eat in the dining hall.
  • We cannot accommodate campers who wish to arrive before camp begins July 12th or stay over on August 1st. There is an additional charge of $50 per day (includes room, board, and supervision) for arriving early or staying late between sessions. Advance Reservations are required. Transportation from the Asheville airport is free with an advance reservation if you arrive between 6am and 2pm on Sunday and leave between 6am and 1 pm on Saturday. There will be a $50 charge for those without an advance reservation OR flying outside the established hours. Reservations for airport transportation must be made two weeks in advance through your online account. DO NOT include flights if you do not need camp transportation (someone else is picking you up). See your "Summer Running" brochure for established flight pick up hours.